Our Marketing: Agent to Agent

September 1st, 2016


The internet has changed the way REALTORS do business, but the odds are still very good that the buyer for your property will be procured by a Real Estate Agent. The Rocky Mountain Home Team’s agent-to-agent marketing is designed to promote your listing to agents throughout the Vail Valley and beyond. Here are some key elements of our agent-to-agent marketing:

MLS Marketing: The Vail Board of Realtor’s Multiple Listings Service is among the most important tools in our box. Every licensed REALTOR in the Vail Valley has access and can enter listings. A good MLS listing is clean, clear and focused on a property’s unique selling points. Professional photography is a proven advantage. Once your listing is launched, we revisit it regularly to ensure it remains fresh.

Although the MLS is the primary source of information for listing syndicators, we prepare our MLS copy with locals, and local agents, in mind. We have other plans for syndicators.

Personalized Notices: In addition to the MLS, we provide personalized notices of each of our listings to the top agents already selling in your area. Many of these agents already have a network of potential local buyers, and we waste no time in letting them know your property may be a perfect fit.

Additional MLS Marketing: Depending on the exact time period you’re looking at, about 12 to 18 percent of property buyers in the Vail Valley come from the Front Range. The Rocky Mountain Home Team will add your listing to the Denver MLS, inviting agents in that important market promote it to their clients. As Keller Williams affiliates, we will also add your listing to the Keller Williams listing service to promote it to agents across the country and the world.

Email Newsletter: In most Real Estate Markets, the vast majority of buyers are local to the property. As you might have guessed, Eagle County is a little different. For the first seven months of 2016, for example, a full 43% of purchasers came from outside the Vail Valley. One of the best ways to reach these potential buyers is through their REALTORS, and the best way to reach all those agents at once is through email.

Unfortunately, top-producing REALTORS get A LOT of e-mail. Not everything coming in from agents outside their own markets will be read. Trust us. We’re speaking from experience.

So we send the type of marketing we would read, and leverage the natural allure of the Vail Valley to give that marketing an advantage. As a result, our newsletters are not just enjoyed, they are actively anticipated. Our open rate is more than double the average for the real-estate industry, and our click-per-open rate is 75% above the average. We know that because we’re tracking the stats, and adjusting headlines, layouts, images and even send times to improve our results.

Broker Tours: A broker tour is a specific type of open house. The general public is welcome, of course, but the goal of a broker tour is to entice local REALTORS to visit your property. A broker tour allows us to discuss your home’s features and selling points in person with the agents most likely to find a buyer.

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Vail Valley Land for Sale

August 15th, 2016
What would YOU build?

What would YOU build?

Are you searching for Vail Valley land for sale?

Vail Valley Homes are always in demand. Sometimes finding the perfect home from the limited inventory available can be difficult. While the Rocky Mountain Home Team prides itself on the ability to identify and negotiate the best deal and the best fit for each of our clients, we can’t offer what isn’t available.  If you have a vision for the perfect Vail Valley home, it may be time to consider having it built!

Blessed as we are to live in such a beautiful part of Colorado, a perfect parcel of Vail Valley land for sale might just be easier to find than the perfect home. Whether you’re looking for a mountainside perch with huge views, a private parcel beside the Eagle River or a lot in an existing neighborhood, you can find it here in Eagle County!

Showings can be easy to arrange.  In most cases you can simply stop by and have a look whenever you are nearby. Even so, be sure to contact your Vail Valley Real Estate professional for any maps, association documents and other information.

While building a Vail Valley home allows a lot of flexibility, most home sites for sale in Eagle County are subject to one or more of the following sets of requirements:

  • Zoning Requirements: Eagle County zoning regulations govern each parcel’s allowable uses, building restrictions, setbacks, density and minimum lot size.  Learn more about Eagle County Zoning Requirements.
  • PUD Requirements: Many Eagle County subdivisions are part of a Planned Unit Development. Each PUD has its own standards and requirements that allow for variations from the strict application of the county’s conventional zoning requirements. Learn more about Eagle County PUD Requirements.
  • HOA Requirements: Individual HOA’s may set more specific design limits on a property. Most HOAs require the builder to submit their design for review. The process will be described in the association’s governing documents.

Building a Vail Valley home can be an extremely rewarding process. If you are interested in learning more about buying land or building homes here, contact Michael Routh’s Rocky Mountain Home Team. We have the knowledge, expertise and proven systems to help make your vision of the perfect Vail Valley home a reality!

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Vail Valley Log Homes for Sale

May 2nd, 2016

Vail Valley Log Homes for Sale

Are you searching for a Vail Valley Log Home for Sale? You’re not alone. Savvy home buyers prize log homes for stylistic beauty, warmth and durability.

Deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Eagle County – commonly called the “Vail Valley” – is world famous for a unique blend of outdoor and luxury living. A Vail Valley log home is a great way to embrace both of these elements, recalling the region’s frontier origins while providing unmatched warmth, comfort and durability.

112 Hummingbird Trail Edwards-print-002-3-Exterior Front-2700x1800-300dpi

Visit 112 Hummingbird Trail – A Vail Valley Log Home!

Some would-be buyers shy away from log homes, perhaps picturing a squat and practical settler’s cabin or even a temporary dwelling, but nothing could be further from reality. In truth, logs can be just as flexible as any other building materials.  Vail Valley log homes offer the same mountain views, vaulted ceilings and other features Vail Valley homeowners enjoy. What’s more, the log exterior blends beautifully with the slopes and trees surrounding the home.

Choosing a log home is more than just a stylistic choice, however. Log homes offer real advantages to homeowners in Eagle County. The thermal mass of the wood retains and radiates heat for surprisingly even and energy-efficient heating throughout the mountain winter without becoming uncomfortable in summer.  The logs themselves are incredibly durable building material, holding up well in snow, wind and high altitude sun. They are also a natural sound baffle against both wind and road noise.

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Log homes can be found throughout the Vail Valley, from outlooks over Cottonwood Pass in Gypsum through the riverside forests of East Vail. Mountain neighborhoods such as Homestead and Wildridge are great locations for log homes, where owners can benefit from outstanding mountain views while remaining comfortably close to towns like Edwards and Avon.

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If you would like to begin the search for your Vail Valley log home, Michael Routh’s Rocky Mountain Home Team can help you find the property that’s right for you. With over 10 years of experience in Vail Valley Real Estate, we have the expertise and proven systems you’ll need to find a home and negotiate a purchase in today’s ever-changing market.  Contact the home team at 970-306-7711 to start looking for a Vail Valley log home for sale today!

You can learn more about log homes at the Log and Timber Home Council web page.

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Buying a Short Sale Property in the Vail Valley

January 26th, 2016

Upside Down

In a short sale, the seller is upside down on their loan-to-home value. This means the seller will not be receiving any proceeds from the sale unless the bank offers them a (usually fairly nominal) relocation check. While a short sale takes time and effort on the part of the seller, and represents a loss the the bank, both the seller and the bank benefit from avoiding the foreclosure process.

The primary downside for you as a buyer is you will inevitably be waiting a while for the bank’s approval.  Approval could take anywhere from 60-90 days, and sometimes much longer.  The Rocky Mountain Home Team has worked on short sales that have taken nearly a year for approval – though closer to 60 days is more common.

The benefit of purchasing a short sale property is they frequently sell for less than market value due to the buyer’s willingness to wait around for approval.  So long as time is not of the essence, the short sale process is actually pretty simple from the buyer’s side.

The first step is to negotiate the contract with the seller. Even though they’re not earning any money on a short sale, sellers will want to negotiate to as high a figure as they can in order to present a strong offer to the bank holding the loan.

Next, you will work through the standard due diligence deadlines – reviewing title documents, HOA documents (if any), home inspections, and so on – and complete any negotiations resulting from due diligence or loan applications.  This process is almost exactly the same whether there’s a short sale involved or not.

Once the due diligence deadlines are complete, the file is turned over to the seller’s lender to approve the short sale. As a buyer, you won’t have much to do at this time beyond wait.

Once the sale is approved, you will usually have between 30-45 days to close. If you are working with a lender, you then move forward to order the appraisal and obtain final loan approval. Once again, this process is almost exactly the same one you would follow on a non-short sale property.

To learn more about the short sale process, or to look for short sale properties in the Vail Valley, contact Michael Routh’s Rocky Mountain Home Team at 970-306-7711.  The Rocky Mountain Home Team is one of the Vail Valley’s top producing real estate teams. If you are looking to buy or sell Vail Valley Real Estate, we want to hear from you!

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Buying a Vail Valley Home – What Are Your “Must Haves”?

December 11th, 2015

Featured Properties

If you are hoping to buy a home in Colorado’s Vail Valley, chances are you already have an idea of the type of home you’re looking for.  Even so, taking some time to decide on your “must have” criteria is an important step in your home search. In our experience, it is best to have between three and five items on your “must have” list. These “must haves” are the non-negotiable qualities a home must possess to be even worth a visit.

Below are some questions to get you thinking about your own 3-5 “must haves”:

How many bedrooms must the home have?  This simple but important question is an excellent place to start your “must have” list.

What type of home are you looking for? Do you prefer a single family home or duplex, or are you looking for a condo or townhouse?

Which neighborhoods would you consider?  Whether you want to be close to where you work, a particular school,  the slopes or a golf course,  it might make sense to narrow your selection down by neighborhood.

What are the key features the home must have? Do you need a large kitchen? Could you live without a garage? Do you need a home office?

What else is important to you?  Are you looking for big mountain views? Proximity to nightlife or the great outdoors?

What is your budget for the home? A price range is a great item to add to your “must have” list.

Do you want your home “move-in ready”? Is a “fixer-upper” okay? If so, how much of a “fixer upper?”

Of course, these are just suggestions – your list of “must haves” will be unique to you.

Are you looking for a Vail Valley – let us know your “must haves!” The Rocky Mountain Home Team has been helping Vail Valley Home Buyers for over 10 years, and we appreciate the opportunity for our proven systems to become your Vail Valley Real Estate Solutions!

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Interviewing your Vail Valley Real Estate Agent, Part 3

November 17th, 2015

Team Of 8 Blue People Holding Up Connected Pieces To A Colorful Puzzle That Spells Out "Team," Symbolizing Excellent Teamwork, Success And Link Exchanging Clipart Illustration Graphic

Welcome to part three of our series on Interviewing your Vail Valley Real Estate Agent. In part one, we focused on questions to help you gauge an agent’s level of professionalism and commitment. In part two, we asked questions to help you judge an agent’s experience and performance. In part three, there’s only one question left to ask, and it can be quite revealing:

Do you operate as a solo agent or do you work as a team with specialists?

Imagine you walk into the office of a skilled professional – we’ll say a doctor’s office.  How many people work there? A lot more than just the doctor!  At a minimum, you’ll see a doctor, a nurse and an administrator – and often many more. Behind the scenes, there are almost certainly even more people at work, handling insurance, finances, marketing and other tasks.

Doctors (and dentists, and lawyers, and other professionals) don’t maintain a team of specialists because they’re lazy – quite the opposite! True professionals maximize their value and maintain their skills by focusing on what they’re good at. What’s more, by working with a team of professionals in other fields, the pros get not only the benefit of their own expertise but that of others as well.

In Real Estate, most agents are essentially small business owners and are expected to wear many hats – but not all of them are a perfect fit. Building a team to handle marketing, new technology, property visits, transaction coordination and other elements of the business frees the agent to focus on the market, the art of negotiation and ensuring each client’s purchase or sale is receiving the attention it demands. Ideally, team members are not merely proficient, but experts in their own field of study. Having a team of experts working on your behalf for the same cost as a single agent is not only an excellent deal, but also every bit as effective as it seems.

Beyond the individual team members, the best agents cultivate strong working relationships with title companies, inspectors, lenders, local service providers and other professionals.  While these professionals are not true members of the agent’s team, top agents will coordinate their efforts on your behalf to ensure your sale or purchase is as hassle-free as possible.

If you are interested in buying or selling Vail Valley Real Estate, the Rocky Mountain Home Team has the experience and expertise you’ll want on your side. Contact us today and let our systems be your real estate solutions!


Interviewing your Vail Valley Real Estate Agent, Part 2

September 24th, 2015



Welcome to part two of our series on Interviewing your Vail Valley Real Estate Agent. In part one, we focused on questions that will help you gauge an agent’s level of professionalism and commitment.

Now we will focus on questions that will help you judge an agent’s experience and performance. Which agent can sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time? These questions can help you find an answer:

How many homes have you sold in the past year? Past 5 years? Past 10 years?

In Real Estate, like in almost everything, experience matters. Your home is likely the largest single asset in your possession, and whether you’re selling or buying a home in the Vail Valley, it makes sense to work with someone with a proven record. (For comparison, Rocky Mountain Home Team Leader Michael Routh has been in real estate 10 years, and his average is nearly a home a week for the past five years. How is that possible, I hear you ask?  See part three of this series for a big reveal!)

What Percentage of Homes You Have Listed Sell vs. Expire?

Even if an agent has sold a significant number of homes, you will want to know how many home that agent has listed and failed to sell. If that percentage is high, the agent could be making up for quality with quantity – at the client’s expense.

What is your average sales price to list price ratio?

This is a straight-up performance question. If there’s a significant gap between the list price and sale price, you may be dealing with a poor negotiator.

What is Your Average Days on Market?

How long does it take this agent to sell homes? There are many reasons an agent may take longer than others in the same market to sell homes. Whatever the reason, though, you’re the one stuck with the costs of carrying the home while it remains on market.

In the third and final part of this series, we have just one more question to suggest – but it’s a big one.

Do you have any questions you would add to our list? Let us know in the comments below or email chris@rockymountainhometeam.com 

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Interviewing your Vail Valley Real Estate Agent, Part 1

July 14th, 2015

Vail Valley Real Estate Agent Interview

Finding the right Realtor to help you sell your Vail Valley home can seem like a daunting task.  After all, your home is likely your single most valuable asset – it is important to enlist the aid of someone who will handle this sale with the skill and professionalism it demands. While referrals from friends and family are a great place to start, it can be hard to separate true Vail Valley Real Estate Professionals from less qualified, experienced or serious agents.

When you meet a prospective agent, remember that this is, first and foremost, a job interview. Unfortunately, those of us outside of the HR department may not have much experience conducting job interviews. With that in mind, here are some questions you may want to ask a potential agent, and why they may help you find the right agent for your needs.

These questions will help you evaluate an agent’s level of professionalism and commitment. Part two of this post will focus on experience and performance.

Are you a full-time or part-time Realtor?

Not all licensed agents are in the full-time business of selling your home.  While a part-time agent may be acceptable under some circumstances, a full-time Realtor is fully invested in selling your home.

Do you prospect for buyers on a daily basis and how do you do it?

Like the previous question, this will help you determine the agent’s level of commitment. Even a full-time agent may not be proactively focused on your property.  The best agents have proven systems in place to continually seek out potential buyers and make sure those buyers are aware of your home.

Can you provide me with a detailed Step-by-Step Marking Plan of Action?

Again, the best agents will rely on proven systems for selling homes, but these shouldn’t be “cookie-cutter” plans any more than your home is a “cookie cutter” home.  What initial steps with the agent take to ensure your home has a strong “launch,” and what regular steps will be taken once it is on the market?

Will I receive live updates on Real Estate activity in my area?

A good agent will be keeping an eye on activity in both the wider market and your specific neighborhood, but this is information you will want to have available as well. Access to real-time updates including price changes, houses that sell and houses that have gone up for sale will give you an accurate picture of how your property is performing.

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Vail Valley Ski Homes Market Snapshot, May 2015

May 14th, 2015

Condo Prices

A total of 10 single family ski homes sold in Eagle County for the first four months of 2015, according to the Vail Multiple Listings Service. All but four of these homes sold in Beaver Creek, but Bachelor Gulch claimed the top sale with a $10,250,000 purchase. Average sale price for a Beaver Creek single family home for this period was $802 per square foot, which was 87 percent of the average list price of $921. The average Beaver Creek home was on the market just shy of a year – 363 days – before selling.

Three single family ski homes sold in Arrowhead, for an average sale price of $586 per square foot, which was 93 percent of the average list price of $628.  Arrowhead homes spent an average of 410 days on the market before sale.

Condos and Townhomes

The Vail Multiple Listing Service recorded 76 ski condo and townhouse sales for the first four months of 2015. The biggest sale of the period was a Vail Village Plaza condo selling for $7,240,000. Twenty ski condos sold in Vail Village in total. Average sale price for a Vail Village ski condo was $1,477 per square foot, representing 94.7% of the average list price of $1,560 per square foot. The average Vail Village condo was on the market for 229 days before sale.

 Lionshead: Eleven condominiums were recorded in Lionshead, after an average of 279 days on market.  Average sale price per square foot was $1,158, representing 93.8% of the average list price of $1235.

Beaver Creek: Twenty-five total condo and townhouse sales were recorded in Beaver Creek, where the average listing spent 219 days on market. Fifteen Beaver Creek ski condos sold for an average price of $695, representing 95% of the $729 listing average. Ten Beaver Creek Townhomes sold for an average of $666 per square foot, representing 94% of the average list price of $710.

Bachelor Gulch: Twelve condominium sales were recorded in Bachelor Gulch, where the average listing spent 103 days on market. Average sale price for a Bachelor Gulch ski condo was $856, representing 98% of the average list price of $870.

Arrowhead: Eight condominium sales were recorded in Arrowhead, where the average listing spent 260 days on market. Average sale price for an Arrowhead ski condo was $527, representing 96% of the average list price of 549.

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Vail Valley Summer

May 1st, 2015
West Lake Creek

Finding a cozy fishing spot is just one of the joys of a Vail Valley Summer.

Everyone knows the Vail Valley is a world-class destination for skiers and snowboarders, but there is much more to Eagle County than ski slopes. Now that we’ve had a few weeks to rest up after another spectacular ski season, it’s time to prepare for the next exciting Vail Valley summer. Vail Valley locals have a saying, “You come for the winter, but you stay for the summer.” Part of the reason is the climate. Summer in the mountains is nice and warm, but rarely unbearably hot, and low humidity makes it all the more pleasant.  Terrain also plays a role – Eagle County sports plenty of open land, ideal for outdoor activities from hiking and biking to fishing and hunting. Whether you are exploring the vast national forests, climbing mountains or kayaking the Eagle River, you will find plenty of ways to spend a summer day in Eagle County. The resorts and towns of Eagle County have been working for many years on ways to entice summer visitors.  This article on Summer: Colorado’s other High Season may be news to readers in Denver, but it is the result of no small amount of effort that is really starting to pay off. Year-round Vail Valley homeowners need no such enticement – they are well aware that they live in one of the best places on Earth, year round. And it keeps getting better and better. (And that’s all just mountain biking. Watch this space for a full article on award-winning golf in Eagle County!) Are you a true ski fanatic in need of some help getting excited about summer in the Vail Valley? Just for you, here’s top skier Lindsey Vonn learning to cast a fishing fly during the 2014 GoPro Mountain Games. Are you looking for a Vail Valley Home? Michael Routh’s Rocky Mountain Home Team is one of the top-producing teams in Vail Valley Real Estate. Whether you’re looking a ski condo with full hotel amenities, a cozy mountain retreat or a private country estate, we’ll find the Vail Valley home that’s right for you. We’ll also help you every step of the way from contract to closing to make sure your transition to Vail Valley Homeowner is seamless and enjoyable! Contact us today to learn how!