4 Ways to Get the Best Deal for New Vail, Colorado Home Construction

Some buyers would much rather have a brand spankin’ new Vail, Colorado home – fresh, clean and untouched. Does this describe you? Then read on and learn some of the guidelines for getting the best deal on your dream home.

Be on the lookout for disreputable builders…
Reputation is everything for a builder. Ask for recommendations from people you know, but also do your research. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Talk to people in the same development about their experiences with the builder. Look over the homes in the early construction phase to see what type of materials and quality of workmanship they provide in areas such as the foundation and plumbing.

Use your own agent…
Although a builder might offer the use of an agent, keep in mind that the agent is the builder’s. They aren’t looking out for your best interests. Hiring a buyer’s agent will give you someone who represents you and your best interests.

Research the location…
When it comes to new Vail, Colorado home construction, you may very well be looking at a development on the outskirts of town. It may seem quaint and quiet. However, if there’s a lot of space around, you could unknowingly settle into a place that will quickly become a bustling metropolis. Check with the local town or city-zoning board to find out the types of zoning that surround the land. See if development plans have been submitted. Will the surrounding land have a strip mall or apartment complex that depreciates the value of your home, or high-end houses that raise it?

Check the weather…
Before you sign that contract, visit the area during or after a heaving rainstorm. You’ll want to look for signs of bad soil drainage, which can affect your new Vail, Colorado home and the surrounding property. Otherwise, you might have to build an ark to get to work.

If you’re looking at new construction and need someone on your side, I can help. Call me now at 970-471-0646 or email me at michaelrouth@kw.com for more information.

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