Interviewing your Vail Valley Real Estate Agent, Part 3

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Welcome to part three of our series on Interviewing your Vail Valley Real Estate Agent. In part one, we focused on questions to help you gauge an agent’s level of professionalism and commitment. In part two, we asked questions to help you judge an agent’s experience and performance. In part three, there’s only one question left to ask, and it can be quite revealing:

Do you operate as a solo agent or do you work as a team with specialists?

Imagine you walk into the office of a skilled professional – we’ll say a doctor’s office.  How many people work there? A lot more than just the doctor!  At a minimum, you’ll see a doctor, a nurse and an administrator – and often many more. Behind the scenes, there are almost certainly even more people at work, handling insurance, finances, marketing and other tasks.

Doctors (and dentists, and lawyers, and other professionals) don’t maintain a team of specialists because they’re lazy – quite the opposite! True professionals maximize their value and maintain their skills by focusing on what they’re good at. What’s more, by working with a team of professionals in other fields, the pros get not only the benefit of their own expertise but that of others as well.

In Real Estate, most agents are essentially small business owners and are expected to wear many hats – but not all of them are a perfect fit. Building a team to handle marketing, new technology, property visits, transaction coordination and other elements of the business frees the agent to focus on the market, the art of negotiation and ensuring each client’s purchase or sale is receiving the attention it demands. Ideally, team members are not merely proficient, but experts in their own field of study. Having a team of experts working on your behalf for the same cost as a single agent is not only an excellent deal, but also every bit as effective as it seems.

Beyond the individual team members, the best agents cultivate strong working relationships with title companies, inspectors, lenders, local service providers and other professionals.  While these professionals are not true members of the agent’s team, top agents will coordinate their efforts on your behalf to ensure your sale or purchase is as hassle-free as possible.

If you are interested in buying or selling Vail Valley Real Estate, the Rocky Mountain Home Team has the experience and expertise you’ll want on your side. Contact us today and let our systems be your real estate solutions!


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